Etiquette and dress

The Lord-Lieutenant is HM The King’s personal representative in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove. You should follow the same etiquette and protocol as you would for a member of the Royal Family when he is attending events in his official capacity.

Where the Lord-Lieutenant is unable to attend an event, he may be represented by his Vice Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant. You should follow the same etiquette and protocol.

The Lieutenancy Office is always happy to provide advice about protocol at events which includes that:

  • a reserved and clearly marked car parking space should always be arranged
  • the Lord-Lieutenant or Deputy should always be met on arrival by the host and escorted throughout the visit
  • the Lord-Lieutenant (or Deputy) always takes precedence over other civic guests
  • printed material that refers to the Lord-Lieutenant should always be approved by the Lieutenancy Office

How to address the Lord-Lieutenant

In a speech

In the introduction you should refer to the Lord-Lieutenant as 'My Lord-Lieutenant”'

A speech might begin: 'Lord-Lieutenant, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen'.

In conversation

On formal occasions use 'Lord-Lieutenant' or 'Mr Blackman'.

In writing

Salutation: Dear Lord-Lieutenant, or Dear Mr Blackman

Form of address: Initially, ‘Lord-Lieutenant’ followed by ‘Sir’.

Written address: Mr Andrew Blackman, His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of East Sussex

For queries on etiquette and protocol, please contact us.


Lord-Lieutenant uniform
The Lord-Lieutenant in uniform

You can recognise the Lord-Lieutenant on formal occasions by his uniform, which is based on a General Officer in the Army’s No 1 Dress.

It serves as a symbol of the role’s military origins.


In plain clothes, a male Deputy Lieutenant may wear a neck badge, when representing the Lord-Lieutenant.

Female Deputy Lieutenants may wear a neck badge when representing the Lord Lieutenant, but may also wear a badge on a Court Bow.

Male or female Deputy Lieutenant neck badge
Male or female neck badge
Female Deputy Lieutenant badge on a Court Bow
Female badge on a court bow

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