Deputy Lieutenants

The Lord-Lieutenant leads a team of Deputy Lieutenants. They come from all walks of life and all parts of the county. They are appointed to the role for their contribution to the county and to the nation.

The role of Deputy Lieutenant

Deputy Lieutenants are the eyes and ears of the Lieutenancy in our local communities. They bring local and specialist knowledge and experience.

As part of their duties, they:

Deputy Lieutenants are not titled Deputy ‘Lord’ Lieutenant. You address them as ‘Deputy Lieutenant’.

Current Deputy Lieutenants

See a list of current Deputy Lieutenants.

East Sussex can have a maximum of 49 active Deputy Lieutenants. Currently there are around 30 assisting the Lord-Lieutenant. That may sound a lot, but the number relates to the population of the county. 

How Deputy Lieutenants are appointed

The Lord-Lieutenant appoints Deputy Lieutenants, subject to the King ‘not disapproving’ of the granting of the commission. They are outstanding individuals who serve the community in a variety of ways. They have the post nominal letters DL.

Retired Deputy Lieutenants

When they reach the age of 75, Deputy Lieutenants retire from active duties but keep the post nominal ‘DL’. 

The Lord-Lieutenant highly values their talents and community connections even though they are retired. Occasionally, they may complete a duty for him. See a list of retired Deputy Lieutenants.